About Us

We are Laura and Christopher Solar, adventurers in the great world of craft beer! Wherever we visit, we are always on the lookout for local breweries and small craft beer bars that offer a unique experience and way to get in touch with local beers. The idea for Brewlando Tours actually came about during a vacation in Dublin, Ireland. There was a tour of local pubs that left a huge impact on us! Each and every pub was special in its own way, and our tour leader was a brilliant guide. When we came home from this trip, we both realized nothing like that was offered in our hometown. After consulting with family and friends, we decided to change that and start a touring business for the brewery scene in Orlando. We love Orlando (or Brewlando), and we are extremely proud of all the great beer here. Drinking local is a special experience, and we are confident you will enjoy visiting these local breweries with us.


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